New Tax Deadline Is Official — July 15, 2020

Both the IRS and Treasury have announced that the deadline to file AND pay your individual federal income tax for the tax year of 2019 has been extended to July 15, 2020.  Many states have extended their deadlines as well; please check with us to determine the deadline applicable to you if you live in […]

Reverse Audits – Why They’re Important and How They Can Save Your Company Money

Though it’s not actually a four-letter word, “audit” carries the same consequences when said around most adults. The very thought of being audited arouses feelings of fear, frustration, and even anger. However, there’s actually a specific type of audit that could end up saving your business a lot of money. If your company isn’t currently […]

Crowdfunding and Taxes – What You Need to Know

Did you make money this past year with crowdfunding? You’re not alone. The fundraising technique was responsible for billions of dollars from donors all over the world. Despite this, there’s still a lot of confusion about crowdfunding and taxes. What the IRS Has to Say About Crowdfunding and Taxes In a word, nothing. You can […]