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Great Bookkeeping for Great Success

With great bookkeeping you get great results. With MWP, our skilled bookkeeping team works directly with your CPA to insure that the data is correct, without having to fix the work of another bookkeeper. We use cloud based software (Quickbooks Online or Xero) so that you always have 24/7 access to your accounting records.

Our bookkeepers are certified in Quickbooks and Xero and offer the following:

  • Financial Statement Preparation – for loan applications, creditors, or investors.
  • Tax Planning – to maximize cash flow and minimize taxes in a way that best fits with your short-term and long-term business goals.
  • Accounting Systems Consulting – to minimize risk of monetary loss from fraud, promote an efficient accounting system workflow, improve record retention, and assist in determining software and connected apps needed.
  • Financial Management Advice – we can assist the business owner in developing routines and practices to use financial information to better manage the organization.
  • Key Performance Indicators – to provide financial and non-financial measurements of how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives.
  • Business Acquisition Consulting – due diligence, evaluations, cash flow projections and forecasting.

The Bookkeeping Process

Without good data, financial analysis is impossible. Bookkeeping is the foundation, and where the most care must be taken. It is an upfront investment, but it is an investment that will pay off as you work to reach your goals, save taxes, and make management decisions about your company.
Bookkeeping – is the process of gathering information and documents, compiling daily financial data using accounting software, and reviewing for accuracy. 

Think transactional – the bookkeeper is going to be working on the day to day transactions which are vitally important such as:

  • Gathering and compiling information into an accounting software.
  • Monthly Bank reconciliations – the vital and necessary function in every business.
  • Liability reconciliations – make sure your business debts are accounted for.
  • Generating Management Reports.
  • Reviewing the “books” for accuracy.
  • Works with the CPA to insure that your data is relevant and timely to insure the maximum benefit for your business.

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